Functional fitness for peak performance and everyday life.


Classes designed to make you awesome.

Base6 Group Training

These classes are the foundation of what we do. Each of these classes builds off the next to progress you toward daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals. Focusing on improving our 6 peaks of performance. STRENGTH, MOBILITY, AGILITY, POWER, ENDURANCE, and SKILL.

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Strength and Barbell Classes

In these classes we take the time to focus on skill or just going heavy. In the normal group classes we have less time to really bear down on a specific movement or really challenge our strength with true overload. However in the Strength and Barbell classes we take the time.

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Base6 Yoga/Recovery & Mobility

It’s time to take the intensity down and focus on our movement. Delving into mobility, flexibility, mind body connection and recovery. These classes are necessary to an overall fitness experience and well rounded athlete.

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Special Classes

Throughout the year we provide classes outside the norm to add even more value to our athletes.

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