We want you to go out and live life epically.


We are your basecamp for healthy living.

We look to grow people’s enjoyment and passion in fitness thru fitness.
Creating stronger, more agile, powerful, high endurance, mobile, and skilled people. So that they can go out and live life epically.

We do this by providing:
– Fun and engaging workouts that make fitness a want as opposed to a need, a party as opposed to work. Something people look forward to.
– A fitness program that is designed to deliver results.
– A community that is supportive and motivating.
– Experienced coaches able to give you the knowledge and skills to crush your goals.
Giving you all this so you can go out and experience the adventure of life to your fullest.


Meet Your Coaches

Brian Anglin

Owner / Operator / Coach

Brian wants to make sure you feel good about yourself. Focussing on your performance while making sure you have a fun time. Brian is driven to make you enjoy your fitness journey. Get ready to be pushed and hear some dad jokes.

Fun Fact: Was a former hand model.

Kylie Ryckaert


Growing up as an athlete, Kylie became a personal trainer so she could help others become the best version of themselves. Kylie brings 6 years of experience to the table & her passion is to help you achieve your goals by creating a supportive environment full of energy & motivation! Kylie trains with a focus on flexibility, strength, power & agility. Train with Kylie to get amped on fitness.

Fun Fact: She is related to Johnny Cash

CJ Krause


When he is not competing in strongman, he is here at Base6 spreading his passion and knowledge to his athletes. Keeping you on pace, on task, and excited for the next thing. Watch CJ as he races around giving the hype and motivation necessary for you to to step up your workout to the next level.

Fun Fact: Top 5 in Arnold Classic 2020 for his weight class

Michelle Shive


Michelle is a proud Canadian, married to an American. She has two beautiful kiddos and a gorgeous French bulldog named Obi. She’s lactose intolerant, however, loves ice cream☺.She’s motivated to share yoga with as many people and communities that she can! She is continually inspired by people creating change in their own lives. She has a background in social service and a desire to work with people on their mats as they discover themselves and transform their lives. She’s also a serious music junkie. She is committed to learning as a student on this journey called LIFE. She is committed to sharing the tools that have created change, freedom, fun and vitality in her own life.

Fun Fact: As part of Michelle’s contribution to the community, she has volunteered at the Africa Yoga Project in Kenya, Veterans Yoga Project in Colorado as well countless other fundraisers and workshops spanning Canada and the US.

Your Burning Questions Answered

Water, towel and a smile. Get ready for a good time.

Clothes you feel comfortable in. Something that allows you to move easily and stretches.

We don’t need to. All classes are able to be scaled to your abilities and needs. You are already good enough to be here right now.

If your doctor has cleared you then yes. We are ready to adapt and modify the workout so you can still get a good workout without hurting yourself even further.